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Are You Prepared to WIN?  5 Tips to Get You Started.

Are You Prepared to WIN? 5 Tips to Get You Started.

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Win BIG in 2010

2009 was a difficult year for many lawyers and law firms. The lawyers and firms that most successfully made it through the rough waters of 2009 were the ones that learned to connect their value proposition to the core needs of their clients, while staying “top of mind.”

Success stories in 2010 will be from those who embrace new media and social networks to strategically build credibility online, develop relationships, increase exposure, and engage clients online in ways that generate new business opportunities.

Are YOU Ready to Win Big in 2010? Let's explore 5 tips to get you started.

  1. Make exceptional customer service the hallmark of your law business. Develop a system to plan and track every client experience with your business including: (i) first contact by phone or via the Internet; (ii) the intake process; (iii) responsiveness for ongoing matters (make a commitment to always respond within 12 hours – or whatever is reasonable for your business); and (iv) follow-up after a matter has closed.
  2. Strengthen relationships with past clients and develop relationships with prospective clients. Host complimentary virtual educational events to engage your target market and add value. Webinars and teleseminars make it easy and inexpensive to host such events. Invite former, current and prospective clients to your firm's virtual events. Consider hosting a reoccurring monthly or quarterly event to build loyalty and a community around your core practice areas.
  3. Use on-line technology (i) to aggregate contact details for your “Friends, Fans & Followers” (from sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) using a social/business networking tool like www.Plaxo.com and (ii) update your mailing list with this information. Take personal responsibility for communicating with your mailing list at least once a quarter via a white paper, article or printed newsletter. This should be in addition to your ongoing email marketing initiatives.
  4. Pick up the phone and call your contacts. Create space each week to have a telephone conversation with no less than three former, current or prospective clients. Use your LinkedIn connections for a rich supply of contacts and leads.
  5. Use social networks to build a magnetic personal brand and magnetic corporate image. Share presentations on sites like www.Slideshare.net and www.ScribD.com. Connect these sites to your LinkedIn profile to automatically alert your connections about new activities in your business. Strategic use of social networks facilitates adding value and building credibility while staying “top of mind.” This combination results in magnetically attracting pre-qualified business opportunities.

Lawyers, law firms and other professional service firms that thrive and WIN in 2010 will be those that utilize online technology and basic relationship building strategies to engage, interact, educate, serve and connect with former, current and prospective clients. This combination will result in increased opportunities to generate new business leads and inspire repeat business.

Let's hear from you! What will you do in your law business to WIN in 2010?