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5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Law Practice with LinkedIn

5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Law Practice with LinkedIn

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Let's get into 5 LinkedIn tactics you can implement right now to help grow your book of business.

1) Customize your message when inviting people to join your LinkedIn network. In your message, remind the person of how he or she knows you. If the person does not know you, let him or her know why you would like to connect. This is a great place to refer to things like your impressions of the person's company, work, articles, blogs or contributions to the community.

2) Join LinkedIn groups that are related to your associations, industries, subject matter interests and hobbies. After joining select groups, participate in group discussions by sharing information about upcoming events, interesting articles by others, new content by you, etc. Groups provide the opportunity “to FIND” and “be FOUND by” prospective clients & business partners.

3) Use LinkedIn Answers to raise visibility and increase credibility. Ask or answer at least two question per month to leverage the power of LinkedIn Answers. If business is slow, I suggest ANSWERING at least one question per week.

4) Export your LinkedIn connections list and import it into your contact management systems (e.g., Outlook, ACT or Batchbook.com). Exporting, then importing your connections allows you to easily integrate your LinkedIn connections into your personal marketing system. If you are serious about building a sustainable law business or other service based business, you MUST have a personal marketing system. At LawyersLaunchpad, we can help you develop your personal marketing system and implement it!

5) Connect with at least 2 LinkedIn connections each week. Invite several of your connections to have a 15 minute PowerChat with you until you have two confirmations. This is a great project for your assistant. When on PowerChats, invest the 15 minutes learning about what is happening in your connection's business. PowerChats are about gaining information and building relationships. They are not for pitching your services. Make the connection, build the relationship and the business will follow … oftentimes much faster than you can imagine. Be diligent about sticking to the 15 minute time frame. Make very few exceptions to this rule. It is important to retain the integrity of your initial request for the call. Schedule a follow-up call when your conversation reaches the 15 minute limit. The follow-up call is where you start to explore how your services can meet the person's needs.

Now that you have 5 easy ways to leverage the power of LinkedIn, it's time to launch your action.

Let's Launch into Action!

Tasha “TC”  Cooper