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PowerUP Your LinkedIn Profile

PowerUP Your LinkedIn Profile

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PowerUp Your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for building connections and growing your business. Leveraging the POWER of this tool starts with a Magnetic profile. Follow the steps below to build a LinkedIn profile that will magnetically attract your target market.

1) Upload a professional photo. People connect with people they know, like and trust. Using a professional photo helps people get to “know like and trust you.”

2) Use the title below your name in a strategic manner. Include areas of focus in addition to titles in this section.

3) Develop a “values-based” executive summary. Think of this section as a written version of your elevator speech (aka “positioning statement”). Make it “keyword” rich to connect with your target market and for search engine optimization.

4) Include all institutions of higher learning in your profile. Use nicknames and official names in your descriptions to make it easier for classmates and alumni to find you. A key to LinkedIn success is finding and being FOUND by others.

5) Include all jobs with which you want to be associated. Use nicknames, official names, keywords and industry jargon in your descriptions. Again, the key is to make it easy to be FOUND by others.

6) Claim your vanity URL and use your name.

7) Import your Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, AOL, etc. contacts in the the LinkedIn system to start building your network.

Now that you know how to PowerUp your LinkedIn profile, it's time to implement.

Applied Knowledge + UpwardAction = POWER!

Let's Go!

Tasha ‘TC' Cooper