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Personal Branding and  Social Networking and Online Visibility

Personal Branding and Social Networking and Online Visibility

By in The Launch Pad

Magnetic Branding, Social Networking and Online Reputation Management:
What’s the difference? Why does it matter?

Most of the information being taught about branding, social networking and online reputation management simply lumps these terms into one bucket and then proceeds to describe them all under the umbrella of “online reputation management.” There is a difference between branding, social networking and online reputation management. As a lawyerpreneur, it is important to understand and appreciate the difference between these terms and then how they fit together.

So, let’s delve in.

Your BRAND is your unique promise of value. It is what others can expect to experience by interacting with you on a personal level or working with you in a professional setting. A brand becomes magnetic when it includes those elements that draw people to you. Your magnetic brand is a combination of your likeability, credibility, expertise, experience and consistency.

SOCIAL NETWORKING is based on interacting with others and engaging them in a manner that provides an illustration of what it would be like to work with you. It is important that you are authentic and consistent when listening and engaging online with your target market. Be yourself, provide value and consistently follow-up for social networking success.

ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT involves leveraging your magnetic brand, social networking, social media and social bookmarking to expand your brand. Building a visible brand online requires developing and implementing a strategy that puts action to the phrase … “it is not who you know, but who knows you.”

Once you understand the differences between these terms, you can effectively employ social networking to share your magnetic brand essence and increase your online visibility for greater revenue generation and increased client attraction.