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LawyersLaunchpad Programs



1.  Access to the Social Media Jumpstart Module in the LawyersLaunchpad Academy. 

2.  Social Media Instructional Guides

3. Two 45-Minute Coaching Sessions

Investment: $995.00

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The “Social Media Jumpstart” training module is a 6-part on-demand video program that will teach you exactly how to start leveraging the power of LinkedIn and Twitter in your law practice.  This is a course designed for lawyers who are social media newbies. This program includes videos and check-lists for the following lessons.

Lesson 1:
Intro to Twitter for Legal Marketing: Optimize Your Profile
In this lesson, you'll learn the basics of establishing and optimizing your Twitter Profile. Among other things, TC will also teach you the difference between public and private lists as well as how to leverage them for measurable results.

Lesson 2:
Effective Tactics to Get Your Tweets Noticed
In this lesson, you'll learn how to write tweets that will build your brand, increase your influence and move people to action. Among other things, TC will teach you how to find keywords and use hashtags to connect with your target market.

Lesson 3:
Intro to Twitter Cards and Promoted Tweets for Lawyers
In this lesson, you'll learn how to make your marketing dollars count on Twitter. TC will teach you how to find your audience through promoted tweets and Twitter cards. You’ll also learn how to use Twitter Analytics to measure your results.

Lesson 4:
Intro to LinkedIn for Legal Marketing
In this lesson, you'll learn how to maximize LinkedIn for business development and research. TC will provide you with an overview of exactly how LinkedIn can help you accomplish your business goals and use LinkedIn Analytics to measure results.

Lesson 5:
Magnetize Your Personal Profile and Your Company Page
In this lesson, you’ll learn best practices for optimizing your LinkedIn personal page to show up in search in results. TC will also teach you best practices for optimizing your law firm's company page and showcase pages.

Lesson 6:
Expand Your Network + Attract Business with LinkedIn Groups
In this lesson, TC will teach you how to select the most useful groups for your law practice and attract key influencers within each group. You’ll also learn how to move LinkedIn group interactions to off-line communications.



You'll also get Social Media Instructional Guides to lead you through the process of setting up your Twitter and LinkedIn Accounts in a step-by-step fashion.

The LawyersLaunchpad™ Step-by-Step Guide for Your Twitter Account
The LawyersLaunchpad™ Step-by-Step Guide for Your LinkedIn Account
The LawyersLaunchpad™ Step-by-Step Guide for Your Company & Showcase Pages


Two Consulting Sessions: Two forty-five minute coaching sessions by telephone or video with a senior social media strategist to develop a custom social marketing action plan based on the guidance provided in the Social Media Jumpstart course.  These sessions will occur within 45 days of investing in this program.

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1. Everything in the Silver Level program (read all about it above).

2. A Comprehensive Social Media Audit

3.  Custom images and search engine optimized descriptions (e.g., About Us and Bio sections) for up to three of your social media accounts.  

4.  LinkedIn Profile and LinkedIn Company Page design and development.

Investment: $5,000 one time payment (save $505) or $1,250 per month for 5 months.

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  1. During your Social Media Audit we will review all the social media sites your small firm is using and develop a strategic plan of action for you to (1) increase your impact, (2) expand your influence and (3) diversity income leads for the most effective social media site for your firm.
  2. Social Media Profile Development is critically important for lawyer who want to use the Internet to increase their impact, expand their influence and diversify their income.  Our team will set-up (if needed) provide custom images and write magnetic descriptions (bios and About Us sections) to be included on your LinkedIn Company Page, Twitter Account and Facebook Business Page or YouTube Channel.   We call this process Social Media Profile Development.
  3. LinkedIn will work for you if you do the work for it to help you be profitable.  Our team will help you multiple the impact of your personal profile and LinkedIn company program through our LinkedIn Profile and Company Page Development.   We will write a LinkedIn personal profile and Company page description that will increase the search engine results for your name and the name of your practice.  We will also design a program to help you get the most benefit for specific targeted Linkedin Groups.

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1. All Gold Level packages.

2. On-Site Training with TC Cooper

3.  Monthly Coaching Calls

Investment: Two payments of $13.500 or a one-time payment of $25,000 (save $2,000) 

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  1. Our Platinum program is designed to provide you with all of the help you need to use social media and mobile technology to grow your law practice.
  2. On-Site training sessions with TC three times a year.  This is where TC will spend a day with you and up to three members of your full-time staff  to developing and the fine-tuning your social marketing strategy based on your firm's goals and resources .
  3. As a Platinum member you'll have access to TC and a senior member of our strategy team for on-going monthly coaching calls.   Once a month,  you'll meet with TC by telephone or live video to measure your results and make adjustments in your team as necessary.  These call are designed to provide substantive value through built-in accountability.

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andresTC puts together a great seminar. The information was clear, concise, and manageable. She provides a lot of information in a short time. If you have the opportunity I highly recommend taking one of her seminars.

Andres Mejer,

Bilingual Hispanic Attorney concentrating on Immigration, DUI and Criminal Defense, and Family Law


michaelTC Cooper is a consummate professional with an abundance of knowledge in social media and other related areas. As a client of TC for a coaching and a participant in a six-week Business Branding program, she “blew me away” with her breath, depth so much knowledge and information to share that I came away from the engagement with her “wired” and “motivated” because she provides actionable material as she walks you through the entire process effortlessly. I've yet to meet a presenter/coach who has the broad skills, strong presentation style and deep understanding of social media marketing that TC brings to the table. She adds value in so many areas and she has a keen eye as she reviews a client's website and social media connections to make “spot-on” recommendations for immediate improvement and sustained growth. In every meeting and presentation, I've been involved in with TC she has shown her passion for her work which opens one's thoughts and implementation plans to a new level. Thanks TC!

Michael Cafarelli,

President – GuardChild

tracyBuilding my list thank you @upwardaction, you are an awesome teacher and so patient on your scopes, extremely personable.

Tracy Whitetransparent

Helping Entrepreneurs & Marketers Navigate the SMB Space. TC Cooper is a great speaker! When it comes to helping companies build “magnetic” brands or incorporate social media into their existing business plans, there are few who do it better than TC. She delivers exceptional content in a style that makes it so easy to understand.

Brian Moran

305b46dI've taken a couple of TC's workshops and have 1 on 1 coaching sessions with her to help me create and build my online brand. TC has been extremely helpful to my business. Many of the new clients that I get today have been a result of the marketing and branding ideas that TC suggested I implement. I never understood how to monetize social media until I got TC's help. I'm thankful that I took her courses and would recommend her to anyone who is looking to increase their business revenue through online marketing.

Obi Okere,  

M.A. Digital Marketing Specialist and Business Analyst

@upwardaction Thanks for the GREAT content!

Michele Heyward