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Lawyerpreneur Success: 9 Ways to Build A Magnetic Brand with Twitter

By in Twitter

Twitter is a powerful magnetic branding tool for lawyers.   Lawyerpreneurs can build brand awareness and generate “digital word of month” referrals by using Twitter to:

  1. Interact with colleagues. Twitter provides frequent opportunities to pose questions and respond to inquiries from colleagues in the legal profession.
  2. Syndicate original content. Twitter is a rich environment for sharing your blog posts and other online articles by including links to such information in your Tweets.
  3. Build relationships with prospective clients and brand champions by “retweeting” information. A powerful way to build relationships on Twitter is to simply share the “Tweets” of others with your audience.  This action helps to establish you as a center of information and raises your profile with the person whose information you are sharing.
  4. Discover new blogs to expand one’s knowledge and comment on relevant blog posts. Make a concerted effort to learn about new blogs and sources of information from the Tweets of those you follow.   Once you have discovered a new blog in your industry or area of focus, you are in a position to build a relationship with the blogger by making thoughtful comments and sending direct messages.  This is a fantastic way to expand your reach and build brand awareness.
  5. Share upcoming events. As you build your Twitter community, it becomes a great place to promote your upcoming events.  Utilize Twitter to build brand awareness by letting your followers know about pre-event activities.  This will go a long way in creating a successful well-attended event.
  6. Provide current legal information (not advice) about issues facing your ideal clients and target audience. Twitter is a great way to add value to your industry and target community by sharing updates and current information about current events.  Be careful to not provide advice, stick to the facts.
  7. Share updates about community activities. If you are an active community service, let your Tweeple know!  This is a great way to build brand awareness while promoting the great causes you support.
  8. Generate traffic for your blog or website. When you have original content or you are participating in upcoming event, post this information on your website or blog, then share the link on Twitter.  You will be adding value to the Twitter community, generating traffic to your website or blog and building brand awareness.  This combination leads to developing your magnetic brand.
  9. Attract media attention. Start following local journalists.  You can use Twitter tools like http://www.twello.com to locate local journalists and other groups of people in your community.  Then, start sending information packed Tweets that highlight your expertise and syndicate your original content.

In addition to the benefits listed above, Tweets are indexed by Google, providing an added benefit for using this tool to build a magnetic brand that attracts pre-qualified clients and ideal professional opportunities.

I often advise my lawyerprener clients to do three things when getting started with Twitter:  (i) check out http://www.lextweet.com to find legal professionals to follow; (ii) pay attention to the Twitter conversations to learn about Twitter’s culture; and (iii) start sharing information and engaging others in Twitter conversation.

Let us know how your Twitter experience goes!

Carpe Diem!

T.C. Coleman