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Introducing LawyersLaunchpad!

By in The Launch Pad

Welcome to LawyersLaunchpad.com, a brand new blog community supported by UpwardAction!

This blog community was born of my desire to have a home base for the  Lawyerpreneurs Mastermind Facebook group and a place to share information designed with practicing and recovering lawyers who have an entrepreneurial spirit (a/k/a/ lawyerpreneurs) in mind.

Lawyerslaunchpad.com was created by a lawyerpreneur (me!) for lawyerpreneurs.   I hope you will find this blog community to be a place on the web where you can benefit from resources and support as you launch and sustain ideas, businesses, products, programs and services.

On LawyersLaunchpad.com, you can expect to find articles, programs and products designed to help you:

  1. launch your business ideas;
  2. create and sustain momentum;
  3. establish a strong business foundation;
  4. use social media and eMarketing to attract clients and opportunities;
  5. collaborate with others;
  6. build effective systems;
  7. take the UpwardAction necessary for sustainable success; and
  8. stay inspired along the way.

LawyerLaunchpad.com was created with my fellow lawyerpreneurs in mind.  Let me know how we can better serve you by leaving your comments, ideas and suggestions on our Contact Us page.

Carpe Diem!


T.C. Coleman, Esq.
UpwardAction CEO
LawyersLaunchpad.com Founder

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Tasha (TC) Cooper, Esq. is the founder of the LawyersLaunchpad™ – an online education and training portal for lawyers – and president of UpwardAction® – an online reputation management and social marketing consultancy. She is also a social media lawyer.
As a social media early adopter and innovative thinker, TC launched LawyersLaunchpad™ in 2011 and grew to become a recognized leader in the areas of social marketing and online advertising for the legal profession.

TC been engaged by businesses and government agencies that include: National Aeronautics and Space Administration ( NASA), Wall Street Project Economic Summit, Rutgers University, Levin Institute Kauffman and FastTrac Programs and the Maryland Bar Association, and numerous individual attorneys, consultants, and small firms. TC is also a frequent instructor on social media, online reputation management and digital technology topics for the D.C. Bar Association.